Monday, April 29, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: A Challenge from Jenni of SOML

Remember back in high school when there was such a thing as free-writing? A prompt was given, you had twenty minutes, a pen, some paper, and your thoughts? Away you'd go at capturing important things in life, freeing the chains that bind your mind. Or something like that. I actually tried to free the chains, which just led to answering questions and then doubting my resolve behind saying that apples are my favorite fruit or that I'd most like to travel to Australia. Something about nailing these items down on paper made me feel like I'd inscribed them in stone, and I am far too finicky to have a favorite of almost anything. So basically, I hated it. And still do. Prompts are not my friend. 
All of this to say- the lovely Jenni from Story of My Life has come up with a blogger challenge: post every single day in the month of May! This challenge is complete with prompts and questions and things to talk about each and every day. All of my absolute favorite things. 
But I'm overcoming my fears and giving it a go friends. Looking those prompts in the face and saying, "HA! I will nail down the color that I like on my nails best and will NOT feel any regrets in doing so!" (Especially since I've learned you have twenty nails in all that can totally rock a rainbow... Gah. I kid! This too makes me quiver.) Jumping in and dusting off this here old brain! Learning how to make decisions that can easily be changed and in the grand scheme of things mean nothing, but mean EVERYTHING when I'm putting them down!
And I'm not knocking this, I'm really not. I think it's a fantastic idea that just scares me a tad too much. So I'm joining in and would love for you to as well! Check out Jenni's post if you're wanting to get in on what all the cool kids are doing. You'll get to meet other writers and bloggers. Plus there's a linkup every day to share our posts with one another. Let's carpe the freakin' diem out of those prompts, how 'bout it??



  1. Awww I love you for this, Christina!! I really do think it's going to be super fun, and I'm so happy about how excited people are getting. I AM EXCITED TOO!!! I love not having to come up with post topics every day!! Except, I guess I already did... just, ahead of time! Ha! Can't wait to see your posts. No pressure. Just have fun with it! :)

    1. I love how excited people are getting too!! I really think what I love most is it's going to create a little community, or at least that's what I like to picture. I have no idea why prompts stress me out like they do. I was trying to explain it to Peyton earlier and he just stared at me in utter confusion. Apparently it might just be me... :)

  2. I'm going to do it! Perfect practice, and I'm okay with having topics to help me with ideas!!

    1. Yay!!! Can't wait to read yours too! And I'm starting to realize that I might be the only one I know who really doesn't like prompts...


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