Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Photos - 48 Weeks

Our baby is growing up. 

About to be one, growing up. 

True to current form, I am sitting here procrastinating instead of making his birthday invitations. Considering it's in two and a half weeks I should probably get on that. But instead, I'm searching through photos and grasping at straws trying to catalogue every last yummy morsel of babyhood. He has a bit more in him, but he's changing fast.

He's standing. 
Like legit, two feet balance, holding-himself-up-for-at-least-twenty-seconds standing. One day he caught the wave for a second or two and literally the next he was exponentially better.

He's crawling. 
No more free swiffer at this abode. Knees and hands, baby, knees and hands. He's my little robot. The crawling of course leads to sitting up and pulling up and rolling around. Basically there are no movements that he hasn't mastered.

He's playing peek-a-boo! 
There's been a love of "where's the baby?!" for the past few weeks, but now he's covering his OWN face. No doubt that this kid's a genius. Pulls the cover up, hears our sheer confusion, and snaps it down just for a quick peek-and-giggle then whips it back up again. He's gotten to doing it with anything he can get his hands on- towel, blankie, my scarf. Early addict on our hands.

His seventh tooth sprouted this week; his feet have got the whole left-right-left-right thing down (as long as there are hands to hold); his belly craves avocado, whole banana, and the bland mush they call cereal; his hands smack out a rhythm on any surface he can get and reach up high over his head when they're happy.

And those same hands gave his first wave today. A little opening and closing of a chubby fist with a big smile to match. He's getting it and the kid simply knows.

Then there's the 'tude. The toddler 'tude. He's got his game down. You'd think we cut off a toe when we take away the pen that he found or the enchanting bottle of deadly pills that he wants to shake. Or when we put him somewhere he doesn't want to be-- ie, on his back in a basket. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it.

He loves the cat, and the dogs, and the dogs' water bowl, and the boxes seemingly breeding throughout the house, and basically anything he can get his hands on that's not a toy. He's curious and soaking it in and really starting to get that he's actually one of us.

He's just simply amazing. This whole thing is simply amazing. 

**We missed about seven weeks of these during the whole moving process. I might find some and fill them in later, but for the sweet sake of straw-grasping I seized the now.**

***For past weekly photos, click here for posts and here for just pictures.***


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