Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...

{disclosure: this photo has nothing to do with anything.}

Sunday morning Peyton came to me with a request.

"How about we agree to say nothing but kind words to one another for the entire day?"

(Novel, I know. This idea that married people might actually speak lovingly to one another for a whole day. pfff.)

After giving a few suspicious looks I responded with a hug and a sure, while we both acknowledged that this would be a mental exercise of the best sort.

And oh how it was. There were a few near slips, caught by the other with a warning that this was entering unkind territory. There were a few borderline statements made under the guise of being "the truth." There was probably even extra road rage from the internalization. But overall, if any of these lapses were called out it just became more amusing that we were doing this pitiful exercise and tension decreased.

Should we get gold medals? Umm... of course! I think that's only fair. I'd even take a bronze. I'm pretty sure that's why I agreed to this whole cockimamy idea anyway.

And as for future plans, I think we might have to ease into making it a habit. Don't want to be too hasty you know.

I'm thinking that Peyton's final proclamation - "I wouldn't lie to you, especially on the day I'm trying to be kind!" - showed that we really just need baby steps here.



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