Thursday, April 11, 2013

His First Nursery

Peyton came upon me in Declan's room a few weeks ago, not packing as would be useful for the then impending move, but reorganizing and cleaning what already was. What seemed silly to him- spending time "doing" what will then just be undone-- actually had a purpose: document our nursery.

A year ago I wrote this post, talking about how unprepared we were for Dex's arrival and how I hoped to reveal the project that held Peyton's sweat and tears elbow grease (Peyton informed me that he didn't cry even ONCE) for the week before in the coming days. Then some time passed, I had a baby, and the room was never perfect. So I never shared it. Because, you know, I had a baby.

But here I am, packing up my little man's first nursery, and needing to remember it. To encapsulate it for the years ahead when I can't believe he ever inhabited such a place of sugar and innocence. And that means taking it in its unfinished, imperfect self. This room holds our memories- the countless "boos" (oh yeah, he's saying his first word. and it's, ahem..."book". my little smarty pants.), the lullabies hanging sweetly in the air, the smells of sweet baby skin and cuddles of a boy who keeps on growing. It's sacred ground and thus needs to be honored. 

So here it is, pulled carpet and all, for your viewing (and my remembering) pleasure. 


Let's start with some "before" shots.

Pretty glorious, no? I still can't believe how long we lived with that room like that. In my defense, it always begged to be a nursery, but since there was nothing to nurse, we kept it as-is. Just made the following transformation that much sweeter.

We toiled and painted and cleaned and shopped, shopped, shopped, until we created a haven for our boy.  

{we added some cheerful yellow into white ikea shelves}

{diy dream sign}
{yellow bins: ikea}
{bedding: annette tatum little house collection // white w/ green skirt: serena & lily}
{sailboat mobile: spectacular gift from we luuurve it}
{curtains: ikea}
{letters: anthropologie // diy banner made for baltimore baby shower}

{dresser: originally peyton's grandfather's (shown in 3rd "before" pic above). p used it as a child so we continued the tradition and updated with paint}

{rocking chair: thrifted. i love the fanciful curves and old wood}
{gift from my sweet cousins natalie and don}
{rabbit music box given to peyton to announce our first pregnancy}

It feels good to remember that we didn't ALWAYS live out of boxes.

**Just realized I still haven't said what the project Peyton did was. whoooops
I'll try to be back with that one soon!**

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  1. Can't believe you never shared his room before this - it is oh so sweet! At least you will now have a place to go and look back at his first space. :)

    Is that mobile from Restoration Hardware? It looks like one I hunted down during my long search for the perfect sailboat mobile!

    1. I am SO glad I took the time to do it! Would be totally bummed at myself if I hadn't.

      The mobile was from as a shower gift from my fantastically stylish friend. We llllove it! But honestly I have always really loved yours too and still can't believe you made it!

  2. Very worth the cleaning effort to get these great photos! Did you make his name letters that are over the window?

    1. Thanks so much!! We got the letters from anthropologie after Christmas because they were on CRAZY sale. Aren't they fun?! I really liked that they didn't really "match" his room at all. I have to try to break out of a matchy-matchy mold all the time. I sometimes just gravitate towards it even when I don't want to...

  3. The nursery is so beautiful! I love the grey paint with splashes of yellow! I have one girl and one boy and if I could do it all over I would paint their rooms a grey like this one and put in splashes of pink for her and blue for his. Instead my daughter's room looks like the inside of a Pepto-Bismol bottle since it's all pink ;)

    1. Thanks Carrie!! I think doing a neutral color with splashes of color works so well with nurseries since it doesn't become too overwhelming. If I have a girl in the future I'd love to do pink, navy, and white, but we all know pinteresting can change those ideas every five minutes. :)

  4. What a beautiful space!! The dream sign is awesome!!!

    1. Thanks Celine! :) We are really happy with how it turned out.

  5. Ohmygosh, this space is just adorable!! I LOVE the pop of color in the bookshelves and the "dream" sign!

  6. So beautiful! How fun it must been to decorate! So fun!

  7. I LOVE Declan's nursery, its totally magazine worthy, great job mama! And thank you for introducing me to your blog- your little family is so stinking cute! PS- mad love for your vegan living...I've been a vegetarian for ten years... virtual fist bump ;) !


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