Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stuff and Stuff

The other day I wished someone a good weekend. Then I hung up the phone and heard Peyton chime up: "Christina. It's eight a.m... on Tuesday morning."

Proof that the past few weeks have been a mind-melding whirlwind of activity.

Landscaping, painting, window washing, pressure washing, packing*- all after two weeks of SXSW and company. We're ALIVE, and to top that off I'm typing in the slick new abode, but we aren't even close to the end.

*Full disclosure: All of these have occurred, even if they were not occurring through our personal hands. We called brother and said screw you DIYness.*

About three weeks ago we almost lost this house (which of course took me back to this post's title.)

Three days before closing our lender pulled out. Luckily we have an amazing realtor and local lender who joined forces and made it happen, held the deal together, and got funding in about 2.5 weeks. But along the way were a few bumps, such as tax documents needing to be sent over but the fraudulent one someone filed for Peyton being sent instead, thus resulting in HOURS communicating with the IRS on the phone and in person. Or the fact that our new house's mail carrier who had been working on our street for 10+ years was rerouted 2 days after we met her, thus causing all our mail to be returned to sender instead of held in her safety. Domino effect to when the underwriters wanted our new credit card info but we couldn't supply it because we didn't think it had been sent and found all of the above info out.

I'm not complaining though, really. By the end it was comical and I'm documenting it so down the road we can relive the joy of what was looking so easy. (I think any time I encounter the thought "this is SO easy" there need to be red blinkers and screaming sounds warning me to STOP THOSE THOUGHTS.)

And then there's the issue of stuff.

{exhibit a} 

We "moved" on Sunday. Why the ""? Because it is ne-ver-en-ding. There is still stuff oozing out of the cracks. Stuff that just keeps needing to be packed up and shuttled over. Small stuff and big stuff and stuff we don't need and stuff we can't get rid of.

Our old house is being held hostage by said stuff for a little longer, giving us another week of prep time before listing. Then I like to think the stress will be over, but even while typing this laugh at myself. All that STUFF that we moved over here?? Still needs to be taken out of its disorganized box and put away into an unknown spot. We have less storage, and my mind can't fathom picking and choosing through what we need and don't yet again. So forgive us if you visit two years from now and are sitting on unpacked boxes. That simply means the stuff won.

{exhibit b... along with a kitchen sneak peek}
So this was just my wordy heads up that we are alive and well. Declan has made it through masterfully- overcoming missed naps, possible feedings (whoooops), and lack of parental guidance. The dogs come today, we slept here last night, and it has and will all get done. I've missed the internet and my blogs and my time a lot, but right now the stuff must be conquered.

Dang stuff. If only I could find that book on minimalism* in all this stuff...

*Disclosure: I sat trying to remember this word for about five minutes before looking it up. Either that says I am so not ready, or far overdue. hmm...*

Happy weekend folks! ;)



  1. *wishing you good unpacking wishes*

    I so feel you on that. I'd ship myself to your place if I could.

    1. Has a nicer sentiment EVER been given? :)

  2. So exciting!! Good luck!! Slow and steady wins the race.

    1. That better be true!! Because I definitely am buying in to that one.

  3. Hello!?!?! I have missed a LOT in the Murray household. I so KNOW how it is to be so overwhelmed and confused about what day it is exactly. And the words, the words never fully came back after baby boy #1 and it got worse after #2 (if that was possible). All the real estate and lender stuff??? That is enough to send you over the edge alone. Let alone packing all the STUFF. I finally unpacked most of it last year, three years after we moved in and one month before Colton. I guess the stuff won.

    Thank goodness everything worked out.........


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