Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Breed the Good

There's so much swarming around in my head right now. Posts have been flying in and out over the past few weeks-- on moving, on selling, on babies turning into trouble-making toddlers, on finding ways to procrastinate from unpacking-- and then Monday happened.

I'm a runner. I haven't run in the past two years or so, but it's an ingrained part of who I am. I miss it, I crave it, but my body doesn't always like to do it. And it especially doesn't like to jump right in when it needs gradual increases in mileage. I, on the other hand, have no patience for such things and, ankles and knees be damned, will just run. Hence the two year break. My body and I are working on negotiations at the moment.

Anyway, I'm a runner. I finished a marathon at a snail's pace back in 2007 and have run numerous small races since. I love races. I mean, love, love them. If you haven't attended one, do it. It is the epitome of positivity. The runners, the fans, the cheers and high fives all take me to a place of such euphoria. Whether I run or not, I get that high. It's a display of the human spirit, of what unites us, and how persevering can get you places. People cheering others on, runners raising money to help the sick, volunteers handing out hundreds of waters to help fulfill dreams. Words can't do the beauty involved justice.

For someone to try to poison such a joyous event, a coming together of passion and focus and positivity and humans from all walks of life, is simply disgusting. I'm sure anyone who has been on social media has seen the abundance of pictures and quotes on the runner's spirit. And they are just so true. If this person, or people, think their actions will somehow quash this power, they are wrong. Runners overcome. They dig deep. They support one another and figure out ways to make it happen. They've hit a target that not only won't be tainted, they will be burgeoned by the cowardless actions and regroup stronger.

In all the sadness and fear and wondering "why?" I'm choosing to see the good. The countless people who came out to help-- from donating blood to running into the carnage rather than away to hosting people at their homes to buying someone pizza from across the country. There is so much good in this world.

I think there will always be evil happenings. But I also hope that the good only grows stronger, because to me that's the only option. Don't let the evil win. Don't walk around in fear, don't close yourself off thinking people are bad, don't give up your passions and love because of someone's scare tactics. That's what they want. And while building the good higher, into the light, might add fuel, it also will breed more good.

My thoughts and love go out to all those affected in Boston. You are all so loved. 


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