Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Rant and A Scaphoid... What?

Day 22/31 - Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. 

*Disclaimer: This rant will be kept short and sweet because I have more important things on my blog agenda today. Three in fact, so stick around.*


There are many reasons to hate insurance companies- many, many, MANY- but right now I'd like to talk about the fact that they can choose whether or not to offer maternity benefits. And that the entire state of Texas has opted OUT of offering any benefits. So basically, if you get pregnant in Texas without group coverage from a job, you are SOL, my friends, S.O.L. 

Why had I not known this before? Why were women and men and politicians and children's rights advocates not banging down doors to get it? Pro-life or pro-choice, this should matter. This should be a unifying fight. Women's health matters, fetus' health matters, and I'm not even asking for it to be covered for all as a basic human right. I'm just asking for insurance companies to OFFER to have it covered, you know, because the whole being pregnant thing is kind of important to sustain the human race. I'm pretty sure Texas isn't doing this for population control, either...

My husband is a contractor. His industry has made drastic shifts to this employment method. It's great in some ways, and sucks in others. But the worst suckage is them making it apparent that we shouldn't have another baby, because a healthy delivery will cost $15,000. And that's HEALTHY. uuuggggghhhbkhkbgghhhhh... 

And while I'm itching to rant more, I promised short. It just makes me mad. Very, very mad. 



Now for the fun stuff.

(sorry for the poor quality videos. dang snap chat.)

First up....
Either I can't enunciate or Siri knows about my friend's stripper career that she's kept under wraps.
Her male stripper career, that is.

She may be many things, but a Scaphoid Cowboy she is not.
(Or is she...?)

Next we have...
Me getting a little excited last night watching Dancing With The Stars.
We're proud of you Jacoby. You did us proud. 

(I'm also proud of my coordinated leg weaving with the stars. I think I've found my calling.)

And finally...
 Our farewell to Mr. P's 70's pornstache.

I will treasure these forever. 

Forever and ever. 

Aaaand ever. 



  1. Bwhat?

    That is utter crap! This makes me want to write a long rant about the state of maternity care and leave in this country in general, but I'd still be writing next month. :(

  2. Holy crap that's bad. I live in South Africa (3rd world country) and our medical aid options (depending on what you choose) covers for maternity benefits. I hope someday it gets sorted.

  3. Wow... no maternity coverage? I would be furious and terrified all at the same time. You deserve to rant about this!

  4. Just another list of things our poor state is failing at. I love Texas with all my heart but sometimes I can only shake my head.

  5. I get it YOU'RE UPSET.

    That video of Peyton dancing had me rolling when you sent it to me, and I thought how sad it was that it was forever demolished. Alas it's not, I just figured out you can save the video before you send it.. Ding ding ding.

    I realized last night you would definitely win in a dance off. if you ever have a conversation with amy about my dancing skills she will confirm this.

  6. I had no idea. Will the implementation of the Affordable Care Act next year help Texas families at all? There is so much thought that goes into family planning, it's awful that insurance coverage could be the deciding factor.

    1. YES! It actually will require all insurance policies off maternity coverage. Can't come soon enough!

      And isn't it crazy that no one even talks about this? I seriously would have thought it would be a bigger issue in the women's health community.

  7. That is INSANE! Texas, I bite my thumb at you. For reals. Insert tangent about how viagra is probably covered in full :/.

  8. Shay is definitely a Scaphoid Cowboy.

    you and Peyton need to audition for Dancing with the Stars. You blog can be your claim to fame.

    and lastly, NO MATERNAL COVERAGE?! that is ridiculous. 15 grand for a healthy baby....I mean, they're worth it, but that's a lot to come up with on the spot...

  9. come again? how much? you probably would have to be a stripper first to afford having a no.

    seriously an entire state can opt out? how do women not fight against that?

  10. What?! Seriously Texas...stop being an asshole.

  11. Dont even start me on medical insurance. I would rather keep a porn mustache than deal with that...

  12. Whaaaat?! Texas!! Shame on you! Come have your next baby in Utah. I'll even feed you popsicles and help you get that thing out... for free.
    Okay and hold up. Scaphoid? That sounds like a scary STD that I want to stay far far away from.
    Okay and you and Peyton. Cutest.Couple.Ever. mustache and crazy dance moves and all.

  13. Of course I have to comment on the DWTS video and results! Your dancing is pretty impressive :-) They should consider having 1 or 2 fan contestants each season. And I'm so proud of Jacoby! Sad he didn't win of course, but oh well. His free style dance was by far my favorite- I've watched it at least 5 times now.

  14. I was confused when I saw the title, and even when I read the post, because the only meaning that I know for scaphoid is a bone in the wrist!! But your dancing is great, and so is hubby's!

  15. i still can't believe that maternal coverage isn't offered... i keep thinking i'm misunderstanding what you mean because it seems so absurd! not to mean that i don't believe you!!!

    i opted to pass on the dancing...I've seen enough for one night... ;)


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