Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Kinda Love You... Like Kinda A Lot

It's Sunday, our second moving day, and Cinco de Mayo all rolled into one. I'm throwing the boxes and sombreros to the side though to write a quickie for the blog every day in May challenge.

I'm doing a little change-up on this and giving the three blogs I wouldn't miss a post from. They are "friends" in the sense that I know lots about them and (most) know nothing about me, but I'm sure if we happened to meet it would be magic. Just pure magic.

1. Jenni from Story of My Life

If you found me through the link-up, you know all about her. She's relatable, beautiful, a fantastic photographer, and the perfect ambassador for lovely Austin. Plus she's one of those whose offline self actually lives up to her online self. A completely genuine girl.

2. Sydney from The Day Book

She's got it all: short posts filled with nostalgia and humor, a son almost as cute as mine, beautiful fashion posts and just as beautiful photography.

3. Kelle Hampton

This mama entered the blogger elite with her heartfelt birth story of her daughter Nella. While she can get somewhat sugary, she is a beautiful example of creating the life you want to live. She always looks for the good and preaches love over all else.

And with that... A Uhaul awaits.



  1. I'm 2/3 on this with you. Kelle is amazing.

    But my heart belongs to that little person Jenni.

  2. Yes... I love Kelle Hampton. A friend recommended her blog a few months ago, and I (almost) literally went through and read every single post! Her writing is magical, and her pictures are stunning.

  3. This is lovely, I've just checked out kelle hamptons blog!

  4. I didnt know of any of these before this challenge. I have to say Jenni has a great blog and she seems like a lovely person. I am off to discover the rest. Have fun with moving all those awkward sombreros...they are so big!

  5. Ah Sydney -- the blogger of all bloggers! :) Love her, too.

    To be *completely* honest, Kelle is sometimes a bit much for me. That being said, I sooo admire her, and definitely stop by once or twice a month. :)

  6. I haven't read "the daybook" yet but I'm glad to add it to my blog roll! I love Kelle's blog also, probably one of my top 5 favs(of course Jenni's too since that is where I came from) and even though she is very positive I find that it really inspires me to choose to reflect on the positive more often. ~Melissa @Running Around for No Reason

  7. I am always looking for some new reads and will definitely be checking them out.


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