Friday, May 10, 2013

A Rendezvous Gone Wrong

I'm writing this because I have to. Because I signed up for this challenge and gosh darnit, I'm going to stick with it. But I really am not feeling it today. It's rainy, I've got a birthday party to set up, errands to run, and a coughing baby to hold. 

All of this while trying to get over the fact that 52 weeks and 9 minutes ago I held my son for the first time. 

And Meredith Grey going into labor exactly 52 weeks after I did?!?! I'm still drinking water from all the dehydrating tears I shed last night. 

I can't take it. Happy and sad is the way of this birthday. Happy and sad. 


I was hard pressed to find an embarrassing moment. One came to mind, but I couldn't use it because it involves poop and I am not quite ready to become "the poop girl." Then there are a few with my dad- like when I caught him looking for short British style shorts in the women's department of Old Navy or when he gave me contraceptive advice for my impending trip to France (because, you know, "everyone does it.") He then tried to guess how many people I had rendezvoused with already, and guessed more than the actual amount. Not embarrassing at all.

But the biggest that comes to mind is a New Year's night gone wrong.

Just imagine. Two kids having fun in a bedroom. A bedroom which just happens to be at a friend's house, but more specifically, a friend's mother's house. The door opens and in the light stands a woman- a woman who the girl has never met before and is clearly not in a position to meet now. The door closes, the night continues rather uncomfortably, and morning comes. Said girl did not crawl out of house and into a taxi (for some unknown reason) and ends up at the breakfast table, officially meeting mother (for now the second time) over pancakes. Add in a bunch of friends who know the story and mention it enough to make it awkward for all involved parties, and yes, we truly have embarrassing.

Happy Friday everyone and see you tomorrow, if I can crawl out from under my rock by then. 

**Story of My Life has plenty more embarrassing moments linked up. 
And Jenni's totally rocks, in that "I'm laughing uncomfortably for your pain" kind of way.**



  1. I cringe thinking of the horribly EMBARRASSING stories I have when it come to my past and boys. My mother and my daughter will NEVER learn of these stories, ha ha!

  2. Grey's last night - oh my gosh. I half-heartedly watch it and yet I was totally sucked into the drama - the battered girl, the beat up boy, the fall on the stairs, the daddy waking up, Arizona's cheating, the engagement. *sniff sniff*

    You are brave for sharing the embarrassing story... :)

  3. **clap clap clap** Hahaha.... that's a GREAT one. Truly cringeworthy.

  4. Hahahaha!!! You win. That is the best (and worst) story ever.

    And, omg, Greys. I didn't watch last night's but I will tonight. I just skimmed through the above comments and quickly realized I can't read Beth's. Stop spoiling it, Beth! Kidding.

    You're such a sweet Mama. Declan is lucky to have you. And I'm sure he'll love this post someday when he's old enough to read it. Kidding, again.

  5. I had the same encounter, though it wasn't the first time meeting the GUY'S mom, but it's mortifying no matter how many times you've met the mom. I was just too much of a puss to post this story on my blog. ;) Kudo's to you!

  6. WELP! That is a rough one!!! Uggghhh all of these stories are making me cringe/feel better about myself!!

  7. Oh wow, that is mortifying.
    Also your father sure knows how to make things uncomfortable lol

  8. um, same thing happened to me. except i had known the mother for a few months so i just stayed clear of their house for a few weeks until it all passed. SO EMBARRASSING!

  9. Well, well, well, well, well, my dear lord.

    i automatically veto'd out any and ALL getting caught stories because they all involved alcohol. at least that's what I'm saying.

    i'm proud of you, and don't worry.. you'll never be poop girl to me. that's Amy.. all the way. for life.

    missin you today.

    Oh and about that birthday boy. that is tender sweet, sorry he's sick, hopefully you're feeling better! And about Grey's, all I want to say is WHAT IN THE HELL IS PEYTON SAWYER DOING WITH ARIZONA. And if they kill that Grey's baby I will never watch it again, never, not once. not even kinda.

  10. Today has just made me laugh reading everyone's embarrassing stories. I have some poop ones too but skipped over them. :)

  11. Hope all the birthday plans go well!

  12. omg. You WERE the type of girl to take home to meet the mother!

  13. Ohhhhh, my goodness...I don't even know what I would do, lol.,


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