Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beyond the Curriculum

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{this is tegan. she didn't go to school.}
Nearly all that I do daily wasn't taught in school: cooking, cleaning, rocking and changing babies. Maybe if I'd had home-ec I'd actually be better at these things (minus the baby wrangling... I'm pretty good at that.) State capitals and geometry and trigonometry got me no where on this race. No where. 

So today I'm doing the twist. I'm looking at what school did teach me that wasn't in the curriculum. I must have gotten some take home after hmmm, eighteen years?

Perseverance >> If you want something, do it. If you need a 4.0, work as much as you need to to get it. Make a goal and achieve. Don't give up, don't give in.** Even if you don't get there, you will feel oh so good for giving it your all. 

- Procrastination >> If only those up-all-night and printing-papers-two-minutes-before-class-sprints didn't work. It sucks, but it works. I wish I could erase this lesson. I wish it had never coupled with perseverance to make things happen. 

- Tolerance >> There are many, many people who aren't like you. Who don't think the same as you, don't act like you, have different thoughts on life and religion and politics. Everyone's story is different, everyone's walk is different. Maybe your actions of tolerance and understanding will help someone make a change and return the favor to someone else. You will have to deal with SO many different people in your life, so if you can't enjoy what they bring to the table, at least understand that differences are okay. 

So there you have it. Three gifts that school gave me outside of the curriculum, which I guess could just be called life.

What about you? What did school teach you outside of the curriculum? I mean, I guess I could check your blogs and all, and will, but little tidbits are always nice too...

**"Don't give up, don't give in, let me begin... jump around, jump jump jump..." What? You didn't sing it too?



  1. You picked three great lessons to share and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. My favorite from your list was tolerance. Tolerance is one of those lessons that thankfully only seems to grow as I get older.

  2. Procrastination. I pretty much live by the rule of procrastination. Shoot me.

    This was all beautifully written. I love the idea of "your actions of tolerance and understanding will help someone make a change and return the favor to someone else" because it's so true. Life is filled with situations where tolerance and accepting differences is key. Such an important quality.

  3. awh how cute is Tegan!

    Great life lessons, I actually felt like school prepared me for life pretty well.

  4. I feel like... I'm sitting on my break.. reading blogs instead of returning calls. #normal.

    The only thing that I keep thinking... is in the end.. only kindness matters

  5. Tolerance...definitely! I went to home economics, I didn't enjoy it at the time but now I can make lasagne and a few other bits and bobs. My post today is about how they don't teach you about finances and stuff, it's a bit dry! :)

  6. I basically majored in procrastination. I should get some sort of recognition from my university over how much I accomplished at literally the last minute.

  7. procrastination-it's like frenemies. i know it brings no good, and yet i still find myself making excuse for it.

  8. tolerance. Love that one. I gotta say I also adore that doggie pic! OMG what a beauty!

  9. I love your take on this one! I learned basically the same things in school. Perhaps they should have a class called "Pitfalls in life to avoid" and actually teach us useful things? :)

  10. Apparently, I need a lesson in tolerance so I'm not so critical ;)
    And I had home-ec. It didn't teach me anything useful.

  11. 1) it doesn't have to be about where you came's where you are going that pushes you forward
    2)not everyone will like you or value your opinion...learn what you can from that experience and move forward...
    3) work hard....but take time to have fun and enjoy life....

  12. I think the most important lesson that school taught me is that... social status is important, and learning to communicate with people who are different than you is important. :)


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