Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Stroll Down Archive Lane

I ain't bucking this day peeps. Here goes:


A look into P's and my beginnings.

Title says it all. It's quick.

On a day of niceness. 

On Motherhood:

On becoming a mother. 

Babies give the gift of the pause.

How having a baby solidifies you as "old." 

On Life:

On why exactly you need to come to Austin this October. 

Why moms should be celebrated a bit more too.

On politics. I know, how risky.

Because this makes me so happy to read every single time. Plus we won the Super Bowl. Plus Jacoby can dance (and sometimes makes me cry.) 



  1. I enjoyed reading all of these posts. Very nice selection! But I'm not sure how I feel knowing your son clearly rocks harder then I do...


  2. There is nothing about the last picture that doesn't just completely rock! :)

  3. I like P's (I can say that right, cos we are cool?) tactic on how he stopped you buying that embroidery machine, also his awkward slow answer - "I'd pick you"...awwhh

    Man Declan knows how to rock!

  4. I read them all, even the Raven's post :) Really liked getting to know you better. And I love Declan's headphones!


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