Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jump On In

*THE most exciting pic of your day, I know.*
{once again, nothing to do with anything. but this was our saturday - lots of 1, 2, 3.. jump!}

The girl threw us bloggers a bone. It's Sunday, we're almost 2/3 finished, and she asked for thee easiest of easy: five favorite blogs. Thank you Jenni. It's nice to see you care.

(Though this is suspiciously like day 5, or at least what I turned day 5 into, but whatevs. I'll take it.) 

Three pre-linkup:

>> Momastery -- HUGE. MASSIVE. Somewhere in the past 2 years it ballooned from about 2,000 followers to eighty kazzilion. Because Glennon is doing something great. With an amazingly inspirational story, hilarious outtakes on being a mom, and missions that actually make a difference in other's lives, she will take you through laughter to tears and back.

>> Suri's Burn Book -- How I keep up with all things celebrity in the most humorous way possible.

>> The Daily Tay -- Check out The Best Week Ever every Friday. It won't disappoint.

Two post-linkup:

>> A Girl, A Story, A Blog -- Miss Shaylynn is just plain likable. From her humor to her honesty to her tremendous love for others, there is no way you won't relate.

>> Downtown on Main -- When I read Peyton Kaitlyn's advice post, he thought I'd written it. Her posts just draw me in every time, and it doesn't hurt that the blog is aesthetically charming.

It's Sunnnday, bloody (mary?) Sundaaaaayy!



  1. Listen. Listen. Listen. I don't know about that Shaylynn girl.

    I know you've been subtly (i use subtly very loosely) that I need to read momaskljfalsjd or whatever it's called. I think it's going to be one of those things that happens when you're here.. and you read me all these words or whatever.

    Thanks for choosing me. It made my day. I hated today's subject by the way..

    of course you're my #1. I come here before I go anywhere else, even if i know you haven't blogged yet.. just throwing that out there.

    1. you'll notice I didn't use the word "hinting" at all. I just like to keep my comments awesome.

  2. Can't wait to check these out! And.....yes to babies in swimming suits!

  3. Oh and I got so busy talking about myself that I forgot to mention how much I love Suris Burn Book..

    And Kait's.. you know that.

  4. Awww, he's so cute in his little swimsuit!!! Thanks for sharing these links, I love adding new blogs to my reading list!

  5. Oh your Saturday looks lovely! I already follow a couple of the blogs you mention but will check the others out, I love finding new blogs

  6. Christina, Suri's Burn Book kills me. I just found it now because of you! And yes, great swimming snaps! How could you not share those?

  7. Thanks for contributing to my ever-growing list of procrastination resources :-)

  8. I love finding new blogs, thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh my, where have I been?
    Kaitlyn's pretty cool, though not nearly as cool as you. And Shay, love her too.
    And oh. my. dear. lord. Suri's Burn Book?! Seriously where have I been? How have I not known about this?! I just spent a full 7 minutes cry-laughing over Kim Kardashian's swollen feet. I'm awful. But that, oh that is a gem! Thanks for sharing!


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