Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Come On Get Happy

{first off, declan's look? priceless. the life jacket? priceless. the seventies porn star? mine all mine.}

1. Spending a hot day on the water.

2. A clean house complete with clean dogs. 

3. Pink.


4. Going with your gut and doing something crazy. For me, Utah. 35 days!

5. Baltimore and all the love it contains.

6. When the mister makes me food that I really, really want. 

7. Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is hands down the most incredible space. 

{via... though on second thought, it actually makes me sad that i just can't have it.}

8. Showering, shaving, then sliding into crisp, clean sheets. 

9. Hunkering down during a Christmas blizzard. 

10. Sitting outside writing this, constant companion by my side.

What about you fine folks? What makes YOU smile?



  1. now I want to include all of those things...just ten was tough!

  2. I'd never heard of Falling Water so after seeing the picture I had to go and google, it looks and sounds amazing and now I want to visit.
    I definitely agree with number 7, crisp clean sheets are one of life's little pleasures.

  3. #1, #2....and that uh-friggin'-dorable fur-head at the end!

  4. Your baby is the cutest.

    Also, I have a severe problem with showering and then crawling into bed...ESPECIALLY after shaving. As in every time I shower, I curl up in a blanket (still in my towel, of course) and take a nap. Which really is problematic on those off days where I decide to shower in the morning.

  5. Girl.

    This is the saddest story. Ready? You might cry.

    I went to that stupid falling water. However I went with a group of friends.. my friends car just so happened to break down 20 minutes away from the house. WE NEVER SAW THE HOUSE.

    i'm still pissed.

    1. Does Peyton know you went ahead with the porn star baby?

  6. Omggggg my husband loves his 70s pornstar 'stach, too! And that's EXACTLY what I call it! Lol.

  7. 70's porn star, bahaha.
    love Declan's look. he's like saying 'don't mess with me, dude!'

  8. I loved your 10 things, it is so great to read about all the different things that make people happy! I agree about 8 & 9 whole heartedly!

  9. Utah, 35 days?? I'll be there too. I love your happy list. xo

  10. That day on the water looks very appealing. I think I'm sold on "Hunkering down during a Christmas blizzard" though - as long as there's a log fire and a good movie!

  11. haha 70's porn star. That is one of the names I also call my husband when he's rockin a stache.
    New follower :)

  12. okay. yes! shaved legs and fresh sheets. it's like everything is silk! there is nothing more amazing than curling up during a giant blizzard or rain storm.

  13. Declan's face!!!! I giggled so hard!
    and number four....NUMBER FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Great list! Seeing other people's list adds to mine!

  15. Oh what are you doing in Utah? Fun. That's where I live!


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