Saturday, May 4, 2013

Brains, Feet, And A Wide Open World

"Favorite quote and why you love it."


When I think of quotes, I think of my mom.

I see her pushing a small child in a swing on a warm spring day. Trees and flowers are in bloom, a bright blue sky creates the perfect backdrop for the baby as he goes up and down, up and down. She's smiling, of course, while repeating a lovely poem.

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

It's charming. Picture perfect. And while I'd love to be the mother who paints a scene as well, the best I could remember was something about wandering lonely as a cloud and seeing daffodils... Not quite the same, Christina. 

So when I had to come up with a favorite quote for today's challenge, I had nothing. Nada. Zip. ZILCH. I'd like to say it stayed that way and end this thing right here, but no. Dr. Seuss came along. I realized that the following is absolutely one of my favorite quotes. You know, it was only read at my wedding and plastered on my wall for the past two years.

I got quite a few responses on Day 1 regarding the fact that I "truly love my chosen path." And it's true. I, and apparently Dr. Seuss, believe that every step I've taken has been a choice. Every step we all take is a choice. There's (typically) no blaming circumstances or others for our conditions. Don't like something? Change it. You are in control.

We find and create our own happiness in the situations given. I'm not saying that we can escape everything, and there are certain obligations that most of us have that we shouldn't abandon. But beyond the physical aspects of where we are, we are in control mentally. As Jenni said in her post today- find the light inside. It's there. Harry Potter wouldn't lie. And you have the ability to choose whether you let it shine. What an empowering thought.

Now go shine lovelies... It's SATURDAY!

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  1. I just love a good Dr. Suess quote.
    Found you through the blog every day challenge.

    just love

  2. Dr. Suess has some of the best quotes around!

  3. Two quick things and then I am going back outside. I love Dr. Suesisms and this is a keeper and that has got to be the cutest, most smoochable baby (in your profile)I have seen in a while...I love em bald!

  4. Good quote, I chose one from Dr. Seuss too, he has so many good quotes!

  5. Harry Potter never lies, nor does Dr. Suess.

    Everyone else does though. Except me, remember that when you're out in blogland.
    So make the RIGHT choice. ;)

  6. wowzah!
    i think so. everything is an option. it's just sometimes we forget about that.

  7. Great quote! I just bought The Lorax for a girl at work who never read it! I had to remedy that oversight right away!

  8. What a wonderful quote! I had such a hard time picking just one quote that I love and Dr. Seuss has so many that I am a fan of!

  9. Cool quote! Who doesn't absolutely love Dr. Suess? I had a hard time with this challenge, there are so many good quotes to choose from.


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