Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Here Proclaim This "Declan Day"

Chunky cheeks here again. Mom's life revolves around me so I said "Why the fruit pack not?!"

Let's start from the beginning...

** 5:30 ** "AHHHHHHH!!" Gets mom's attention every time. In she stumbles to give me the goods. And some cuddles. Sometimes a baby gets lonely, yo. Just as I get cozy- belly full of milk, paci in mouth-  it's wham, bam, thank you ma'am and I'm back in my crib. Say whhha? I try to scream, but hey, it feels kinda good in here, so my eyes just fade shut.

** 8:00 ** Hello world! Hello day! Hhhhellooo mama.

{i try to be charming to make it clear i want out. and i want out for good.}
From here it gets hazy. I'm a busy baby, and checking the clock just ain't my thing.

{say good morning to my dawg. she tries to get fresh, but i remind her that i'm only one}
{oh breakfast heaven. there's mom trying to embarrass me with her hand on my spoon. i'm one now woman}
{we play balloons.}
{until she goes and ruins it, that is. girls- it's how they roll.}
{get poked and prodded a little.}
{take a walk with my homey.}
{catch mom takin' selfies in her "first room in Austin." geez, woman, get a grip.}
{take note: this is how you peace out of your first room.}
{took control of this moving situation. i mean, dear lard, we've been here about 5,367,fh8 times already. gotta catch dwts before news breaks on facebook.}
{we're going to finals baby! not that i care or anything, but had to pretend since she actually let me watch tv.}
And that's that. Not counting the mortifying things like diaper changes and naps, that is. But who really wants to see that? Not even me. 

Until next time. It's been real. 



  1. Hahah, this was so cute and sweet!! I love how you made it from your daughter's point of view. Such a great share on this post!

  2. Declan knows how to live and work the camera! He has a pretty amazing life.

  3. I love these posts! Declan is already a sassy little fellow

  4. I LOVE Declan's posts. He's a funny guy. Also, the baby photo bomber in the selfie pic made me LOL :)

  5. The fact that you make a post about a baby hysterical and one of my favorite things in the world is a bit shocking.

    Listen. I'm glad your dancer is safe. Otherwise you would have been a total nightmare today.

  6. How cute are you, Declan?!
    It makes me glad to know you're 1 and still like that 5:30am milk. Only problem is, my little guy (at 6 months) only sleeps about half an hour after that milk...not 2.5 hours!!

  7. shay's right. because sometimes baby's just aren't funny when they blog. i want to be bff's with this kid!
    you're funny. i like you. i'm staying.

  8. Oh. my. goodness! Declan is SO darn cute! Love 'his' post :)

  9. I can't even comment on all of these adorable pictures because I'm green with envy that you are experiencing shorts weather.

  10. Man, Declan is just living the dream.

  11. Declan has got to be the most photogenic baby in the world!
    Also cute signature haha

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  13. Such a fun post- a day in the life of your baby :) He's definitely a cutie! xo

  14. Hello there, cutie-pie baby! And I must say, German Shepherds are really the best :)

  15. declan is so adorable and so talented! all your photos are awesome.

  16. you two are quite the partiers. I cannot wait to get in on this!!

  17. Perfect. You'd better watch out for that son of yours - he'll be starting his own blog and stealing all your followers!

  18. Love how you did your "Day In the Life" from your son's perspective! Also, I'm a huge DWTS fan, too! Who's your favorite? I'm rooting for Jacoby!

  19. Oh fer cute!! This was so, so much fun.

  20. Great! I have not remembered to take photos, so I am behind on this one,


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