Monday, May 20, 2013

My Giant Problem

I'm struggling with a lot right now. Like cleaning this house, unpacking countless boxes, fixing actual food, and the fact that it's not yet June and I'm not yet on vacation. 

But I was told to get real, so get real I will. 

I struggle with the fact that I'm taller than my husband. 

I know, I know. I chose it.

Well, I kind of chose it: I chose him. And I love him. And I wouldn't go back and do anything differently in those choices. What's awesome is he doesn't care one bit and I totally love him for that.
This is my struggle, my issue, and it seriously is just so senseless. 

Knowing all of that, I still have to admit that sometimes I just feel like this:

The Jolly Green Giant stomping through the Murray household. 
(Especially since I love me some kale and spinach and salad.)

I don't often talk about it less because of the fact that I'm embarrassed by it and more because I'm embarrassed that it even bothers me. 

I have a man whom I love. A man that loves me to the moon and back and treats me accordingly. Who brings out the best in me and lets me be myself. I'm beyond lucky and I know it. 

Plus friends, it's time we get real. I'm a feminist.
And do feminists worry about crazy stuff like being taller than their husbands?

Mmmmm.. no.

Feminists see that it's culturally created and has no purpose in life whatsoever. They point out how awesome it is to be able to reach the top shelves of cupboards and not have to hem store-bought jeans.

I need to grow up and get back in the twenty-teens or whatever the hell we're going to call them. 

But it's hard. Because I don't want to grow anymore. I want to shrink a bit and make it all perfect and Disney-like.

{even the tramp is taller... it's just ridiculous. via}
But since HGH isn't an option and I don't know of any shrinking potion, I guess I'm going to live with it. 
And luckily I've got a supportive, tall-gal loving man to help me through. 



  1. I like the title of this post, it made me chuckle after reading the actual content. How tall are you? I just feel like I'm a regular height (5 ft 3.5 in) but sometimes, no offense to the shorties, I get annoyed when my short friends talk about how "petite" they are and they are the same height as I am, just skinnier. LOL I guess that's just jealousy?

    1. I'm only 5'9". So I'm a bit taller than average and he's a bit shorter (about 5'8"). And yes, I think I'd find that annoying too! :)

  2. Well girl, we're the same dang height.

    But I have great news.. my aunt was 2 inches taller then my uncle when they were married. She's now shorter then she is. Osteoporosis slaughtered that problem. So cheers to bone shrinkage.

    1. I always knew it was good for something. So should I stop taking calcium??

  3. I think you should petition Disney to make a movie about a girl who is taller than the boy she loves. That way little tall girls (is that an oxy-moron?) everywhere can have something to relate/aspire to, and you can be a Disney inspiration. Or, screw Disney and make up your own fairy tale. Your call.

  4. I dated a guy that was shorter than me before. He was really nice but it did bother me that he was smaller than me, and then it bothered me that it bothered me. Thankfully we did not break up because of the height issue...phew!

    I wonder if platform shoes for men will be in fashion anytime soon?

  5. If anyone gets this, it's me. And I commend you to the highest for being able to over look it and give him the chance to steal your heart. Who knows how many genuinely amazing guys I didn't even give a second glance to because they were and inch or two shorter than me.

  6. I love how honest this is, I get annoyed with how slim my husband is even though I know it is genetics and no matter how much I work out I will feel big next to him!

  7. I am 5'8" and tend to date men riiiiiiiight about my height. I totally get it. Sometimes it is hard to feel feminine (which is so silly but I am being honest!) when my guy is not taller than me! Buuuuuut would I trade my current boyfriend (5'8") for my ex-asshole-boyfriend (6' something)?! NO WAY!!!

  8. this prompt was a hard one. i know multiple girls who are taller than their husbands. :) my best friend from high school was 6'2" and she had a tough time. i bet you two make an amazing couple!!

  9. I'm not taller than the bf but I am taller than most of my friends. Who is the one always shrinking down to make it look like we're all the same height in group pictures?...this girl. I feel you love.

  10. I am not taller than hubby, but I admit to not really wanting to date guys who were shorter, or especially skinny. I always felt huge and ungainly next to them.

  11. haha I understand your feeling!! Technically my husband is sliiiiiightly taller, but I don't know, maybe it's the fact that he never stands straight, but I almost always look and feel taller! It makes me really self-conscious and I hate that it does. It doesn't bother him at all!

  12. I'm half an inch taller then my husband and it does bother me at times. Stupid, I know.


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